Hi, Welcome to SQUIDDLE INK.

Squiddle Ink offers creative digital design services. We have a global roster of returning clients but we always welcome new business. Here at Squiddle Ink we focus primarily on Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Development, and Branding.

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A word from the designer...

Stacey is a digital designer with a rich variety of experience. She worked for Sony Computer Entertainment, Findel and the BBC and now runs her own design business titled Squiddle Ink. Stacey conveys excellent communication skills when discussing projects and can confidently create imaginative and original design work but can also accomplish more direct briefs.


With a Degree in Animation and Illustration Stacey has developed a broad range of skills using software such as Adobe Creative Suite. Stacey can operate Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Flash to a professional standard, this includes Illustration, preparing artwork for print, professional photo manipulation and retouching along with graphic layouts and vector art. Stacey has extensive experience with web and mobile game/app UI design and also icon, character and storyboard layouts.

Testimonials from Happy Customers


KIKO INTERACTIVE, "Excellent communication and the project was beautifully completed and on time! She provided us with quick samples so that we could comment on the style and make sure the project was going the way we wanted. She will be my first choice for any future projects we have. Thanks again!"

RUBIKS Learning Initiative

RUBIKS. "Absolutely wonderful to work with and would recommend to anyone looking for a great artist!"

PAN Media

"Stacey was a real pleasure to work with. Always ready to accommodate whatever changes we wanted and delivered in the fastest possible time. Highly recommended and we would definitely work with her again."